Warranty and Return Policy

BilluPhotos.com offers two distinct warranty options based on the product purchased and the applicable policy at the time of purchase. Please keep your packaging details readily available and review our policies outlined below.

Billu Photos 1 Year Service Warranty

We are committed to resolving any issues you may encounter with our products efficiently and effectively. Our main Karachi office houses a certified technical team available round the clock to address your concerns. We provide a one-year limited warranty on brand electronic items and other products at billuphotos.com. If your product comes with a warranty, you should find an order number on your invoice. When reaching out to us, please provide this order number for swift processing of your claim. IMPORTANT: Please confirm the warranty status of your product before purchase if it is not an electronic item. Under our 1-year service warranty, Billu Photos covers labor costs for repairing the item. However, if any components are required for the repair, the costs are passed on to you. Once payment is received, and you approve the repair, we will proceed with the full repair at our expense. The entire labor cost of the repair job is covered by Billu Photos. Billu Photos reserves the right to reject any warranty claims where the product has been damaged, altered, or modified due to misuse, abuse, or attempted repair. If the product cannot be repaired under our service warranty, no replacement unit will be issued.

Our Renowned Billu Photos 7-Day Replacement Policy

Our 7-day replacement policy sets us apart and has revolutionized online photography shopping in Pakistan. As pioneers in the industry, we introduced a fully functional returns policy, inspiring many competitors nationwide to follow suit and ensure customer safety. This groundbreaking policy offers a full 7-day replacement window for all our products, ensuring that the product you purchase from us online is free from any manufacturing faults or defects. If any issue arises within the first 7 days, contact us via email at contact@billuphotos.com or call us at 0333-43-23-334, and your product will be promptly replaced. Upon delivery, please inspect your items for any visible physical faults. Physical faults that are discernible upon inspection are covered, but claims for scratches or dents are not eligible under our 7-day return policy. We encourage you to inspect your product before making payment if our staff delivers it. If you receive your items through a courier (e.g., TCS) and are unable to inspect the package upon delivery, report any issues on the day of receipt via telephone or email. Please note that items must be unused and include all original tags and packaging (if any). If packaging is removed, discarded, or damaged, the replacement packaging for the phone will also be adjusted accordingly.

How to Make a Warranty Claim

Before contacting our support department or filing a warranty claim, we recommend thoroughly researching any issues you encounter with your product through various forums and online resources. In many cases, solutions or explanations are available for most issues. If the problem persists despite your efforts, contact our support team directly at 0333-43-23-334 or via email at contact@billuphotos.com. If we are unable to resolve your issue and a warranty replacement is necessary, our support team will provide instructions for returning your unit for replacement or repairs. Upon receiving your product, we will, at our discretion, ship a replacement to you, with all postage/shipping fees covered by us. If repairs are needed, we will provide updates within 10 working days of receiving your item. All returns must include a Return Request Number (RRN), which you can obtain by logging into our website, accessing your account, and filing a "Return Request" from your completed orders. Billu Photos reserves the right to provide you with a replacement product that is the same or similar in style or a substitute equivalent, depending on availability. Replacement products are provided on an exchange basis only and are warranted for the remaining duration of the original product warranty period, starting from the original purchase date. Please note: Your item is not covered under any of our warranty policies for issues resulting from power supply backfires or any other power-related issues.

Purchasing a Product with "No Warranty":

If you are purchasing a product on the Billu Photos website without a warranty, rest assured that the same level of quality assurance is applied as with all our products covered by a 1-year warranty. However, our 7-day replacement policy still applies to non-warranty items.